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Vocal Exercises To Make you Sing better


Buy Vocal Exercises To Make you Sing better

This offer contains:

-TK 1 How To Use The Exercises
-TK 2 Lip Bubbles
-TK 3 Lip Bubbles Arpeggio
-TK 4 Lip Bubble
-TK 5 Are Air E Or Ooh
-TK 6 Vowels Tone Builder
-Tk 7 E Tone Builder
-TK 8 E Variation Range Builder
-TK 9 NeeYaR
-TK 10 Arrr Range Builder
-TK 11 Nun Range Builder
-TK 12 Snatch Breathe
-TK 13 Gog
-TK 15 Staccato
-TK 14 Vowels Tone And Control Builder
-TK 16 Tongue Out

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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